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We'd like to invite you to make a great investment today, by becoming a Corporate Member in the GRI!

We are initiating a campaign to recruit new corporate members to GRI. The membership fee is $600 per year. GRI’s location and relationship with Penn State University provides access to a large population of undergraduate engineering students, whom are constantly seeking temporary employment to enhance their resumes and their pocketbooks. Students typically work full time during the summer and part-time during the spring and fall semesters.

In order to maximize the number of undergraduate students educated, the Board of Trustees decided that all funds raised from corporate membership would be dedicated to supporting undergraduate students at GRI.

Students will have an opportunity to set up and conduct gear performance characterization tests, measure gears for accuracy on gear inspection equipment and in general, assist with failure analysis and materials characterization and generally support the activities of GRI. If the research experience is sufficiently novel this effort can also produce a student paper at the AGMA Fall Technical Meeting.

The GRI Board believes that providing gear related experience to engineering undergraduates will be of significant benefit to the industry, and we'll be happy to introduce those students to our members when the need arises.

If our membership drive is successful, GRI’s ultimate goal is to use raised funds to develop gear and drivetrain related classes for inclusion in the engineering course offerings for Penn State students.  Potential partnerships are currently being explored.  Courses will likely be offered at the University Park, PA campus AND the Penn State world campus (online).  World campus classes would be available to interested parties outside of the Penn State student population.

Further, membership entitles you to receive access to a password protected data base that contains all the reports that have been published by the Institute, an invitation to the Annual Meeting and special discounts to GRI sponsored events when they are held.

Job postings on are FREE for Corporate Members!

We're asking you to make a small investment today that could pay big dividends to the industry, and possibly your company, by sending your $600 membership check today.

For more information, please contact Aaron Isaacson at 814-865-5832 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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