A significant component of the Gear Research Institute’s research activity, in recent years, has been with Single-Client sponsorship. These are research activities that are of particular interest to one industrial organization and in many instances addressing gear related problems in DoD weapons system platforms. From a small start when the Institute was first founded, Single-Client programs have become a major component of our activity. Some of our prominent sponsors, in the last twelve months, are the following:

Current Single Client Sponsors

acree logo 250  boeing logo cat logo ford logo 
Eaton logo  john deere logo questek logo 250 rolls royce logo
sikorsky logo  toyota logo woodward logo  

If there is gear research and development in your future or a gear problem in your present, please contact the Institute. Together we can address the issue or problem for our mutual benefit.

The Gear Research Institute was a pioneer in Cooperative Pre-Competitive research by establishing research groups consisting of several industrial organizations with similar research interests.  However, at the current time only one such research bloc is active and is listed below.  Plans are always in progress to initiate other research groups and if there is interest in a specific research topic, please contact the Institute.

Aerospace Bloc Members

avio aero logo  bell helicopter logo boeing logo  carpenter logo
collins aerospace logo curtiss wright logo ge aviation logo kawasaki logo 
pratt whitney logo rave gears logo rem logo rolls royce logo
safran logo seco warwick 250 sikorsky logo  


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